Simon CT here. I decided that I would show my appreciation to Don & Rainy. I decided that the snack I caught would be greatly appreciated by them. I left it by the front door. When I kept banging and singing, they finally let me in. So what if it was 2 am. I was so glad to have caught them a present. It took all my will power to not eat it. Did they notice????? NO. Then I remembered that they can't see in the dark. Well, I made sure they saw it in the morning when they got up. I went to the door and sang as loud as I could. Rainy let me out and I would not allow her to close the door until she looked down. She was very surprised. She did not scream or jump away. I picked it up and dropped it at her feet. She told me what a good boy I was and was very proud of me. She went and got some paper thingy and picked it up. I suppose they were going to use it for breakfast.  I do NOT hunt those things with feathers. No meat on their bones and The big black ones dive bomb. They told me that if I hurt ANY feathered animal, they would hunt me down. I do believe them. Not worth the anger of the Big Black Ones. Off to get some sun. The storm is rolling in and it is supposed to snow. Gotta go.