Robbins Pet Care has been in business since 2003. We are a women owned company. We offer natural, holistic health products that complement and enhance your pet's life without making radical changes with their diet or approach to care. Many of our health products can simply be added to your pet's food or water as a way to optimize their nutrition and thereby, their quality of life. We strive to carry only products that meet a high standard in manufacturing practice and as ECO FRIENDLY and Fair Trade as possible. 
We will discontinue products that we feel have not met our high standards. Many companies that were the leaders in natural products have been bought up by the BIG GUYS or Investment Companies. In many cases, the quality suffered or the new owners refused to be transparent in their manufacturing, where the ingredients were sourced from, how they test their ingredients etc. We discontinue products that we feel are not to the standard that they once were. 

Thanks so much for visiting our online store. We are available for questions regarding your order or products. 

Please feel free to call us 877-542-0880 within the USA or 406-529-7945 outside of the USA. Or e-mail [email protected]