I decided that the People at Robbins Pet Care were nice. I was a teenager and ran away from home. I was going through my awkward teenage phase. I was not the cute and funny little baby anymore. I took off the collar they had on me. They put another on me and I took it off too. I left. I know that I should have stuck it out but, one of the other cats in the neighborhood took me to see the people at Robbins. Well, they had great food. The TOYS!!!!! I know they were trying to find my family. No one came forward. I knew that they would not come and get me. SO, I decided that Don and Rainy were my new family. They even gave me a job. I get to test all of the toys!!!!. WOW, I have a dream job. I get to destroy toys. They told me to play with them as hard and shred them and it can be exhausting. Most of the toys last it seems forever. I still have some that I have yet to figure out how to "kill" it. I am working on it. I think they want me to do this so that other people's kitty's can have toys that last forever. I love the Dragonfly toy and the catnip mice toys. I even figured out how to steal some of the toys. Now I am not allowed to go into the store and pick out anything. They told me that if I played with one of the toys, They could not sell it for other cats and it is not nice to sell used products. They said how would I like it if Simon played with your toys? OH and YUCK, older brother slobber. Nope, I won't do that anymore.  My new thing to do is knock things off the desk, attack the paper coming out of that printer thingy and RUN through out the house. I have to go, I figured out where my stella the mouse is.