This week I am a little perturbed. My "little sister" Little Girl, decided to have an all out screaming match. It is getting a bit shall we say annoying? She does not appreciate what I do for this family. I patrol the neighborhood to keep the riff raff out. I ignore her per her request. I love having the typical Montana spring weather we are having. It does not get dark until 9. I decided that maybe she should try some catnip. I was given some by Don and wow!!!! it is good. I even left some for her to try. Since it zonked me out, I do not know if she tried it or not. It had something in it called silver vine. Little stick looking things. I chewed on them and it actually relaxed me. I did get the "munchies" as you humans call it, after I took a nap. Since she was outside, I snuck into Don and Rainy's bedroom and slept on the bed,. I demanded to be let outside and they obliged. I decided to to demand to be let in in the early evening. I was so tired as I had patrolled my neighborhood for hours. I was sleeping so soundly that I did not know Don and Rainy had gone to bed for the evening. When I woke up, I realized I was LATE for my shift of saving the neighborhood. Of course, I sang the song of my people. (I can be extremely loud). Don got up and grumbled it was past 10. I made him give me a snack to keep my strength up and then demanded I be let out. Of course, he obliged. I then proceeded in stealth mode. I am very proud that I keep my neighborhood. SAFE. I don't have to fight anyone, they all know to stay out of my neighborhood. That brat TJ aka Sylvester cheats. He uses his dog slave to keep me away from his end of the neighborhood. Oh well. I need to go out and warm myself in the sun. I may even sneak into the barn down the street. Gotta to go. Grumblings to all of you.