Simon: I decided that the people who own Robbins Pet Care, would be great to mooch off of. You see, I have been on my own and angry at the world since my supposed pet parent decided I was too vocal ( I am a proud Siamese) or maybe because I was a bully in the neighborhood. I don't care. Rainy and Don decided to feed me and try to pet me. No Way was I going to show how much I really wanted to be petted. I hissed and would use my ultra sharp claws. Living in Montana has it's perks. Great trees to sharpen my claws on. I one day showed my one fear, WIND. I scooted into the house to avoid that horrible, invisible , electrifying thing. They allowed me to wait it out. Yes, I bit one of them and then instantly regretted it. Fear has a way of making me lash out. They did not get mad or try and beat me. They just left me alone. Over time, I found that they really liked me. I even got to have toys of my own. Catnip is one of my vices. I am very particular too. I love that I am the official tester of Catnip products. I love that they allow me my own space. I have a favorite chair and blanket. I get such good food too. I am able to go outside and patrol my neighborhood. I am not holding onto anger anymore. I will not be an indoor kitty full time. I have to have my freedom. I even tolerate the young female who screams at me and really has a mouth on her. I just let her scream. Little Girl as Rainy and Don call her, is really enjoying being an indoor cat. She was a very hungry little female. She had a collar on her that was way too tight. I even noticed one day that she got it off. She would gobble down the food and run. She will have to tell you her story. I think I will end this part of My story for now. A new Catnip has arrived and I get to judge if it should be sold in the store or not. If you are wondering why my name is Simon Crinkle Tail, well I have a tail that is 1/3 third the size of most cats and it is bent in 2 different places. I don't remember how it became that way. But, I have learned that is makes me unique and very handsome. Maybe Rainy or Don will post a picture of me when I allow them to get a picture. Meow, purr and happy paws to you. Simon Crinkle Tail