I finally have trained my 2 legged parents. I have found going out the back then crying pitifully at the front door is working. I still have no idea why my Dad keeps singing "In and Out, In and out, that what the little girl is all about" I just like to command them to let me in and out. My "brother" Simon (I don't think he is), is, oooooh,  ohhh he just bugs me. I keep yelling at him to get out of my way and it is fun to see him frustrated not being able to beat me up. I have a new passion. Knocking over the cups with water in them. it is just meowowing hilarious when the water goes all over the floor. I found a toy the other day that must have belonged to the old lady cat Porcha. It smelled like a grandma's toy. It was fun to play with but I want new. I am a glamour girl so to speak. I do like to climb the big tree out front. I get to test out some new toys next week!!!!! I will really try to "kill" them and see how long they last. Simon teases me because I like to play with toys. He says he is too mature to play with toys. I did see him playing with a nip mouse. I think he is addicted to catnip. I tried it but, it is not really my thing. The silver vine stick has been fun to throw around. I did hide it under the chair so Simon can't get to it. But, I put it under so far back, my claws can't reach it. I will have to let my mom know and maybe she will get it out. I think I have a few other things hidden under there too. I can't remember.  Gotta go and demand to be let out, Front or back it is so hard to choose.