I am getting house happy. I am driving my parents nuts. There was so much snow at Christmas and the New Year. I would want to go out then come right back in. SO COLD. Then it got warm. I could play outside, sun bathe and really enjoy visiting the neighbors. Then this morning, BAM 4 inches of snow, lots of wind blowing the snow in my face, on my body and very cold. I ran to the door to be let out and I ran as quirk as I could to the back. I thought maybe the wind would not be so bad. WRONG again. It blew snow into the house. I decided it was ok to use my indoor toilet. They keep it clean for me. I am now dictating what to put in my blog. I am watching the tree whip around with the wind. The snow has stopped. I do not trust that it is stopping. Montana weather is strange. I can't wait to go outside. I like to put fresh paw prints in the snow. NOT when it is snowing. I might brave it in a few minutes. I am trying a new toy out. Still deciding is they should add it to the store to sell.