Thunder Storm and Fire works

Simon: Well there has been Thunderstorms and now FIREWORKS. I hate the fast winds and all that noise and bright flashes.
Little Girl: I have to hide. The noise and the shaking is horrible.
Simon to Little Girl: Now there are what the 2 legs call fireworks. They are loud bangs during the day and AWFUL bangs, whistles and Bright lights when it gets dark. The smell will be awful tomorrow. We are better off inside and hiding under the bed or in the closet. Most of the horses next door hate them. At least the old one keeps them calm. He is like 25 years old and he is not bothered by them. I have lived through the last few years with the noise and smell. I am glad Rainy and Don allow me to stay in the house. It is so much safer inside. I do know that they sell some herbal liquid that helps to keep many of the other animals calm. Tranquility Blend. 
Little Girl: Do I need to take that? Rainy: Not unless I think you are really having an issue. This is your first fireworks and you don't seem to be too scared of the thunder and lightning. Just dont go into the store and steal more catnip
Little Girl: Darn.

Rainy and Don: remember that people and animals can have a hard time with fireworks. Animals have very sensitive hearing and they feel the booms too. Many people have PTSD and it can be very hard for them to cope. Fires can be started too by fireworks. Stay Safe and please use fireworks responsibly.

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