Growing up

Well, Mom and Dad think I am now a grown up cat. Darn. I liked being a Little Girl. I did not have to worry about knocking things off the shelves (blame it on kittens not being coordinated etc) Now they think I do it on purpose. (of course it is mostly maybe kinda). I love that they five me treats and catnip ohhhh catnip what a lovely herb and tasty too. I have made friends with the adult boy deer that come into my yard. WOW do they have big racks (my Dad calls them that) What is it with being a 6 point or 4 point? Some kinda off ranking system? They eat the garden, they stay n the shade and basically do nothing. Yet, Dad is always excited that they come in the yard. I guess it is a big thing around here. I do hunt the voles protect the garden from other pests. My outside time has been increased. I do not have to come in until 9pm!!!!!!! I guess I have grown up. The sun was going away at 10:30 PM awhile ago. Now it gets dark around 9 or so. Soon it will get dark way too early for me. I has better be off and demand to go outside for a little while.
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