Well I hate going outside right now. My mom said it was -32 below due to the wind. I demanded to go outside to walk in the snow and NOPE not going to do that. My toes went numb. I had to use the indoor toilet. Mom told me that many animals can get hypothermia within minutes and possibly die. If out too long, their toes and feet can get frostbite. I am learning some big words. Hypothermia getting cold very fast and very sleepy. Frostbite, when your toes, feet and even EARS, will freeze. Even though I HATE the trash bandits (racoons) I hope they are safe. I think they are under my deck and keeping warm. I will even allow Mom to feed them some of my food. Now Mom has something to say. If you live in areas affected by the Winter Bomb cold, please make sure to keep your pets in if possible. Use the dog booties to protect their feet. Cats may or may not wear them. Little Girl certainly won't. If you have to use pee pads do so. It does not take long for animals to develop hyperthermia and frostbite. If it is too cold for you bundled up, it is too cold for your animals.